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Smashing Pink is a gay and straight friendly tennis club. 'Pink' stands for our gay identity. At the same time, Smashing Pink welcomes everybody regardless of sexual orientation, colour, religion, age or gender. Our members play a wide range of levels from KNLTB level 2 through to 9 / GLTA level Open through D. 

Come and play, free of charge, on one of the tennis toss evenings (every Monday and Friday from 6 PM until 9 PM) to get a feel for the club. Or join the Midsummer tennis toss (21 June 2015) or the Gay Pride tennis toss (31 July 2015), also free of charge. Please ask for the toss boss when you are attending a toss. (S)he needs to know you are playing as a guest and can inform you on where and with whom to play.


Smashing Pink organizes many activities:

  • KNLTB competition (April-May). Questions? Mail the competition commission.
  • Intern (club) competition (2 Saturdays in June and 2 Saturdays in July). Questions? Please send an e-mail to
  • Weekly tennis toss on Mondays and Fridays from 18.00 - 21.00 hrs (April-September)
  • Pinkster Tournament (22-25 May 2015)
  • Midsummer toss (21 June 2015)
  • Gay Pride Toss (31 July 2015) (information in Dutch)
  • Ladder competition (April-September) (information in Dutch)
  • Club Championships (1-6 September 2015)
  • Winter tennis toss evenings on 5 Saturdays. This event will be announced through our Newsletter in English

New member services

Should you join our club not knowing many people we can find you a temporary ‘buddy’ of your own playing level who will help familiarise you with our club and to get to know other players.

Another way to meet people with whom you can play tennis is to join our tennis toss evenings, every Monday and Friday from 6 PM until 9 PM.

If you are nog sure yet whether to become a member, please come and play, free of charge, on one of the tennis toss evenings (every Monday and Friday from 6 PM until 9 PM) to get a feel for the club. Or come to the Midsummer tennis toss (21 June 2015) or the Gay Pride tennis toss (31 July 2015), also free of charge.

In the winter, Smashing Pink organizes 5 Winter tennis tosses. The last one in the winter 2014-15 will be on 7 March 2015. Please submit your entry through this form.

Membership and fee

Full-time membership allows you to play seven days a week from April 1st until September 30th from 9 AM until 11 PM (unless the courts are occupied by another activity).

Membership fee: €225 (after July 1st: € 112.50)

Youth membership is for players between 18 and 24 years old. The playing rights are the same as for Full-time membership, see above. In order to qualify for a youth membership you will be asked to send a copy of your passport, driver's licence or identity card to the address found in the membership registration form.

Membership fee: €115 (after July 1st: € 67.50)

All new members are obliged to pay a one-off joining fee of € 15.--

You can enroll as a new member of Smashing Pink by completing the online form.

Existing members who do not pay their fee before February 1st or by direct debit are liable to a €15 surcharge.

Cancellation of membership or changes to the type of membership must be made in writing (e-mail) before 1st December to the membership administrator (e-mail:

Some rules and more information

  • Questions? Please send us an email
  • Members may only play with a valid membership pass.
  • Passes are available for collection after your membership fee has been received
  • In addition to your club pass, you will also receive a pass from the Dutch tennis bond (KNLTB)
  • From the beginning of the season both passes may be collected at any time from the Amstelpark reception desk
  • The pass must be hung on the pass board before you commence playing
  • During the year a number of activities (such as the KNLTB – and club-competition, some tournaments  and (special) tennis tosses) will be organised on behalf of club members
  • Members who take part in the annual Pinkster Tournament will receive a discount on their registration fee
  • Smashing Pink is a member of the Dutch tennis bond (KNLTB), the GLTA (The Gay and Lesbian Tennis Alliance) and the EGLSF (The European Gay and Lesbian Sport Federation)
  • In the winterperiod (October till March) you can play on the outdoor courts. You can buy a special winter tennis card from Amstelpark to play in the winter
  • You can rent an indoor court at Amstelpark, and outdoor courts (outside the season)

Venue, opening hours

Venue and opening hours

Smashing Pink has access to 3(-5) outdoor gravel courts on the premises of Sportspark Amstelpark. Amstelpark is open daily from 07:00 till 23:00. In the winterperiod (October till March) the outdoor courts are open till 22:00. 
Address: Koenenkade 8, 1081 KH Amsterdam
Phone Amstelpark: +31 (0)20 3010700

Sportspark Amstelpark has 21 outdoor gravel courts (red clay) and 11 indoor hard courts. It offers a large restaurant with hot and cold meals and snacks. There is a tennis shop and free wifi  is available. The venue has a fitness, spa and pool and plenty of parking and offers massages. The Sportspark also contains a hotel, Spa Sport Hotel Zuiver (

Route and parking

By car
Coming from A10 exit S108 [Amstelveen]. Follow the ramp to the entrance of the Amsterdam Forest. Turn right, go to the T-junction and turn right again.


Parking at Amstelpark
Hourly rate: € 1.50

It's also possible to park between 10:00 and 02:00 hours on the free parking lot at the Bosbaan, just a few minutes' walk from Amstelpark.